Why invest in Nicaragua?

Why invest in Nicaragua?

There are a variety of reasons why Nicaragua is a great place to live. So why Invest in Nicaragua you may ask? These are a few of the reasons why we believe investing in Nicaragua is the right option in today’s market!


  • Although Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere, it is also statistically the safest country in Central America according to 2011 Statistics
  • Nicaraguan Law offers nationals and foreigners the same right to own property although we always recommend consulting a professional real estate agent and lawyer before engaging in any transactions.
  • Property prices are still low and there are amazing options available, but I assure you, this won’t last, take advantage now and speak to one of the Colonial Villas Real Estate Agents.

In recent years, the government has implemented and followed through with a number of plans for infrastructure. With wind turbines surfacing around the country, new national and international airports operating in remote regions, fresh water or seaports beginning to receive the attention they require from the government; this small country, strategically positioned in the world, has potential for great growth.

With statistics proving drastic growth, Nicaragua has already seen a vast improvement in a variety of industries. Tourism, manufacturing and agricultural specialty products are on the rise allowing the working class to receive greater benefits provided by a stronger national economy.

Nicaragua’s Government has big plans for its future and some of these include:

  • Great investment from the Government to attract the tourism in this beautiful city, there are plans to destine about 44,6 million dollars.
  • A Coastal Highway along the Southern Pacific region (bids are being reviewed by government)
  • Multiple Marinas along Pacific and Caribbean
  • There are also plans about a major Interoceanic Canal in Nicaragua – multi million dollar contract for in depth study already approved in Sept 2012.


So why Invest in Nicaragua? The real questions is why would you not? Buy Real Estate Today!



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