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For Sale $79,000 - Granada Colonial Homes
140 Sq Mts 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Casa Juanita is a warm and inviting villa,  beautiful stairs in the center of the house. It is very unique in the heart of Granada within 4 blocks of Central Park with all that it has to offer, such as Dining, Night Life, Shopping and Museums, just to mention a few.
There is a nice size open kitchen downstairs, room for washer and dryer machine, a full bathroom downstairs for guests, garage and under the stair there is a small section where you can make a beautiful and live garden.

There are two nice bedrooms upstairs that have ample space, very comfortable bedrooms but new air conditioning split units needs to be installed and each have on-suite baths.

Mild temperatures, blue skies spotted with white clouds, the sound of birds, an occasional glimpse of parrots just off the house in the stream right behind the house. This is just one morning in the real everyday world at Casa Juanita.

No trip to Nicaragua is complete without a trip to Granada to experience the warmth and hospitality of it’s people, and culture. It is a relaxed and easy pace where schedules and agendas are almost non-existent. You can leave your watch at home. A horse drawn carriage is just the right pace for taking in all of the historic sites, some of which date back to 1524, when Granada was founded.

Just a few blocks past Central Park and you will find Lake Nicaragua where boat tours are available to explore some of the 365 islands and habitats formed by the Mombacho Volcanic eruption from over 20,000 years ago. Now dormant, Mombacho reserve is mostly covered by a mystical cloud forest. Tours are available for the adventurous at heart.

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