Green two story balconies.

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For Sale $399,000 - Granada Colonial Homes
7534 Sq ft 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
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Gorgeous Mansion for sale just 4 blocks away from the center of town. Ideal to develop a B&B or make it your private home.

Downstairs there is the classic colonial living room with the antique ceiling roof, there is a beautiful wood stairs for the second story, A full colonial corridors and a garden in the middle of the house, also there’s a huge bedroom between the garden and the swimming pool area plus two bedrooms facing the relaxing swimming pool.

Upstairs there’s  a big Bedroom with two awesome views, one is in the balconies outside the street and the other one in the corridor in the second floor where there’s a beautiful view to the colonial city top roof, Cathedrals and Cerro Mombacho.

All of the bedrooms have air conditioning and ceiling fans

One of the few houses in town that has preserved its original balconies making it a real jewel of Granada’s architecture.

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