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For Sale $750,000 - Granada Colonial Homes
700 Sq mts 16 Bedrooms 17 Bathrooms
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Kekoldi Granada offers 16 beautiful rooms, all with private baths with hot water, A/C, Queen size beds and Cable TV. Wireless Internet is available throughout the hotel and also an internet terminal – free of charge. Our rates include a Nicaraguan buffet style breakfast.

Our hotel is located right in the heart of the oldest city on the American continent, only 3 blocks away from the Central Park in the historic district. Exploring the city and nearby Lake Nicaragua from our hotel by walking around is easy. Our location is in a quiet residential street, not as noisy as close by to the center and around the “Calzada district” which is however only three blocks away.

The weary traveler will appreciate our private garden with swimming pool and an all over esthetic design developed by well known Nicaraguan artist Robert Barberena de la Rocha, who has unified Grenadian colonial elements with the art of the Nicaraguan indigenous people in a comfortable setting. The result is astonishing – a bed and breakfast / hotel that is light, airy and modern. Enjoy your afternoons in our swimming pool, evenings in our garden, and walk to the nicest bars and restaurants or to nearby Lake Nicaragua.

There are 7 Superior rooms and 9 Standard rooms. The garden, kitchen and breakfast area is newly built. The tax exemption will be valid 10 more years, until 2026!

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