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For Sale $200,000 - Granada Colonial Homes
2000 Sq mts 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
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Casa Yelba is located in the residential area of Rpto San Juan in the outsides of the Colonial City of Granada, just 5 min away from Central Park.

This is 3 bedroom house is not a traditional colonial style but with a nice different touch, the whole house with ceiling roof  made of precious wood as we call here in Nicaragua (Machimbrado) all of the the bedrooms with closets, the master bedroom with a bathtub and the other two bedrooms share one full bathroom, the kitchen is next to the living room area with views of the garden through the windows. There is a good size care taker house with its own private bathroom and easily can be use as an apartment, a swimming pool needs to be done there but there is not any problem  because the property size is around 2,000 sq meter.

This Property is located at one corner of the residential area and at the entrance you can enjoy the view of  Cerro Mombacho. If you require more information about this property, Please get in contact.

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