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For Sale $110,000 - Granada Colonial Homes
222 Sq Mts 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Casa Suarez is a house located in the residential area known as Vistas del Sur in the south area of Granada our beautiful Colonial City of Nicaragua, it’s just about 3 min away from Central Park.

This property of 220 square meters with two spacious bedrooms with air conditioning and with its own private bathrooms, between the 2 bedrooms there is the living room area, dinning table and the kitchen, the bedrooms, the kitchen area and living rooms have big windows with views to the garden area next to the swimming pool. There’s a laundry room area and water tank reserve.

If  you are looking for a quiet place to live this is a good option to consider, The house is in great conditions, the furniture are not include in the purchase price but is ready to move in.




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