Casa Candelabro

  • back patio
  • bathroom main bedroom
  • central patio
  • corridor
  • corridor 2
  • fold out bed down
  • front
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • nice chandelar
  • tropical patio

For Rent $600 Per Month - Single Homes
250 Sq Mts 1 Bedroom 2 Bathrooms
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Casa Candelabro (Chandelier House)

Nice and charming colonial house located on Calle Cuiscoma just 2 blocks from Calle la Calzada where you can enjoy all bars and restaurants, it’s in the heart of the beautiful city of Granada very easy walking distance from Cental Park and all the Tourist attraction.

There is a lot of places to go and spend some good time while you stay at Casa Candelabro, you can take a tour to the beautiful 365  islets located in the Lake Nicaraguan just 1o away from Casa Candelabro, or you can go to the crater lake Apoyo lagoon about 25 min away from Granada city or visit Cerro Mombacho an extinct Volcano where you can do Canopy or enjoy the beauty of the nature and its cool climate.

When you first enter to Casa Candelabro you will feel like you are living in the old Colonial times. Big and beautiful Chandelier hangs from the high colonial roof of the living room. Between the living room and the kitchen area you will a small room where a fold out bed is. Open kitchen outside under the corridor of the house where you can enjoy a tropical breeze and patio that goes to the main bedroom with air conditioning. There’s a nice garden to get to the main bedroom.

Enjoy the atmosphere for this house and its quiet and peaceful neighborhood.


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