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For Sale $189,000 - Granada Colonial Homes
2220 Sq Ft 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
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Casa Anita is a brand new home! The home is custom designed and has the look and feel of a Spanish Colonial home, but with all the modern conveniences. It is approximately 2200 square feel of living space with handcrafted ceramic, concrete, woodwork and moldings of bygone era. It is simple in it’s elegance with lighting not rivaled in Granada.

Casa Anita is conveniently locate 4.5 locks from the central park. The Granada market area is 3.5 blocks distance from the casa. There is a supermarket( Pali ) a short distance away. Just about everything is within walking distance in Granada that you would need to purchase, from food to restaurants, etc.. There are several good restaurants close by and around the central park you will find too many to count and some have entertainment on weekends. There is the tenth largest lake in the world located about 15 minutes from the casa. Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua a 5 minute taxi ride and offers fishing, good restaurants and boat rides. You can hire a boat and for fishing or to take you to Ometepe Island, the largest island on Lake Nicaragua! It is gorgeous and many things to do there.

As for sightseeing within Granada, the Cathedrals of Granada offer some amazing Spanish Colonial architecture and are visited by thousands of tourists each year. There is a beautiful Cathedral across the street for the Parque Centro. Only short walk from there to Calle Arsenal, you will find Kathy’s Waffle house, very good breakfasts offered here, and across the street you will see another Cathedral all in white, surrounded by tall whites walls that William Walker lived and used as his fortress in his efforts to take over Nicaragua. Allot of history here!

If you like shopping, there are two huge markets in the city of Massaya. It is big on furniture, crafts, jewelry and just about anything. You could spend the day there and not cover half the market.

Granada has various festivals during times of the year, too many to mention, but two I like are the running of the bulls and Equestrian fiestas in August. If you want a religious experience, Semana Santa ( Easter Week) offers religious processions, and religious proceedings of all kind.

Casa Anita is like your own little piece of paradise. It is quaint, not overly flashy, simple in the basics, but the architecture and pool is what an swayed me to purchase he home. The view from the second floor of the architecture and pool is beautiful. The high ceilings with cane finished interior of the ceiling is something you just don’t see much of state side. The woodwork and the glass doors is beautiful!. It is just different from your everyday environment. The pool with its fountain and lighting between the main foyer and the rest of the house give it a different look than many of the other homes. I enjoy the beauty and size of the pool with the bright ceramic and concrete finish as in old Spanish Colonial homes. I think it looks very good, and hope to continue my efforts to upgrade the home so people will continue to come back and enjoy its benefits, as I have. There is a grill by the pool,  it is great to cook breakfast in the morning there!


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