3 Palms Hotel-Apartment

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For Sale $350,000 - Condominium/Apartments, Granada Colonial Homes
3982 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms
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3 Palms Residence is located on the west side of Granada and only minutes by foot from the central park and the restaurant/ bar scene on the”Calle Calzada”. The two largest supermarkets are just up the street where everything you could need is available. There 4 apartments very well constructed with a unique touch.

3 Palms Residence and Hotel was designed using Colonial, Tuscan and Southwest  influence . The result welcomes the guest into an intimate, somewhat quirky space, inviting the eye to investigate and explore the many details and finishes.

From the outside, to the interior of each apartment with the use of the originally designed furniture, lighting and art, It  has been created to make the guest’s experience pleasant, and memorable. This is a Unique designed Property, There are a lot of details to admire.

3 palms was completed this year and is made up of 3 split-level apts. Each w/ 2 bathrooms, one queen bed, one sofa/bed on the ground floor, kitchenette, flat screen Tv and a private patio.

There is also a large studio on one floor with a queen bed, one single bed, kitchenette, flat screen TV and bathroom.

All units have A/C, ceiling fans and solar hot water.

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